About Our Lives


This page is developing.  Please check back again.  There will be more information about us and more photographs of our family as we work at the Renaissance Fair selling our hand crafted ocarinas.  For the moment we are especially busy making our ocarinas to sell at the various Renaissance Fairs we attend.  We also often sell our ocarinas at the Ithaca Farmers Market (www.ithacamarket.com). Because there are several detailed photographs on the page it may take a little longer to load.


In the meantime, here are some photos of Leo at two different carts.

Photos of the Ocarina carts.  This page may take a little longer to load because of the photographs.  Please be patient.

If you have attended some of the Renaissance Fairs you may have seen us dressed in our Renaissance Fair costumes.

Ocarina makers Jackie and Leo Brissette in costume.


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