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Soon after you begin playing your ocarina you will want to branch out and learn new songs so we have completed several songbooks based on different themes. The songbook which focuses on Popular and Children's Ocarina Songs is a good addition to the book that comes with the ocarina because it includes so many of the well lknown and loved songs we learned as children.

The Christmas and Holiday Songbook supplies the fingering so you can accompany the holiday songs on your ocarina.

The Pop and Renaissance Faire Songs include old favorites from many eras, including an Elvis Presley classic, and eleven folk tunes fron the British Isles.

Moving up in time, the next songbook includes songs from both classic rock and The Beatles standards. These tunes will show off your versitility - and that of your ocarina!

Finally, we present the Zelda Tunes and Majora's Mask Tunes. These will need no introduction to the Nintendo fans.

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